November OpenNTF Webinar: Integrate Keycloak with Domino for Identity Management

Jesse Gallagher | 3 weeks ago | Comments
In the days of micro-services, Identity Management, Identity Brokering and Single-Sign-On Capabilities are getting more and more important. HCL has put some serious investment into modernizing the various Domino authentication capabilities but still a lot of services require external system integration to be a nice citizen in a service orchestra. In this session, Heiko want to demonstrate the use cases and technical ways to integrate one major Open Source Identity Management system with HCL Domino - Keycloak. Heiko have been working with Keycloak for years now (not only for Domino) and for those not willing or able to use to Microsoft and Google for their Identity Management solutions, Keycloak is a versatile, scalable and reliable tool that fits like a glove with Domino and other pieces of the HCL Digital Solutions product line. Learn what's possible and how it can be done.

Our speaker will be Heiko Voigt from Harbour Light Software Development Ltd.

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Questions and Answers From October, 2022 Webinar

Howard D Greenberg | 1 month ago | Comments

This blog presents the questions from the October OpenNTF webinar and their answers from our speakers. Thanks for all the great questions!

To begin, here is the links to the support page where you can download the slides and watch the video.

Q For advanced props, INI-settings: I assume that needs to be set server side, right?
A No, these settings would go in each client's notes.ini file. You could push these values out using Domino policies, panagenda MarvelClient, or your favorite notes.ini manipulation tool.
Q what if e.g. searching for profile docs is disabled via ini but user tries to use that feature on a local replica?
A It's an all-or-nothing setting. If you set AdvProp_ProfileMenuVisible=0 the user won't get the profile docs menu for any databases.
Q With the document dialog properties does it list all the fields in a document rather than the 255 fields limitation in the standard small document properties box - we have documents with over 1000 fields - only being able to check the first 1/4 of them is limiting ........
A That's an excellent question, I don't know! I don't have any documents available to test with that many fields, but in theory there shouldn't be a limit. I'm just using standard Notes API calls to get and read all the fields in a document.
Q Is it possible to add the number of values in the field list (interesting for multivalue fields).
A I'll add that to my list as a feature request. :)

Answers by Julian Robichaux. Edited by Howard Greenberg.

Announcing the OpenNTF Board of Directors for 2022-23

Paul S Withers | 2 months ago | Comments
We are pleased to announce the new OpenNTF board. We have four Member Directors who still have one year on their tenure:
Dan Dumont
Paul Withers
Oliver Busse
Graham Acres

The following Member Directors have been elected to a two-year tenure starting this year:
Doug Robinson
Jesse Gallagher
Serdar Basegmez
Heiko Voigt
Kim Greene
The following Contributor Directors have been elected for a year:
Roberto Boccadoro
Howard Greenberg
Chris Bekas

We are thankful for the work of our former chairman Christian G├╝demann and fellow board member Adam Foster. The new board will take up their positions for the first board meeting on 12th October, when we will elect the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary positions for the coming year.