XPages Knowledge Base on OpenNTF

Oliver Busse | 1 week ago | Comments
Did you know?
OpenNTF delivers another great resource for every XPages developer - in addition to the various offers the IBM ESS (formerly known as ICS) community already gives you:

The brand new XPages Knowledge Base!

We are very thankful to have IBM Champion John Jardin with us to curate this area - and of course you are invited to do as well!
As OpenNTF is the resource for open source software the Wiki follows the rules of sharing as well - be a part of it and contribute!

OpenNTF at IBM Connect 2016

Oliver Busse | 1 week ago | Comments
The time has come, IBM Connect 2016 started today!
It's pretty obvious that OpenNTF is on site and delivers high quality content in several sessions around open source and software development in general.
If you want to meet the guys in person to have a chat and want to learn about latest technologies and pratices, just visit their sessions:

  • Christian Guedemann, "The journey from Rapid Application Development to Continuous Delivery" (1436), Subday 3:45 PM, Lake Highland AB
  • Christian Guedemann, "OpenNTF - From Donation to Contribution" (1443), Monday 11:30 AM, Florida 1
  • Nathen T. Freeman, "Once you have Graph" (1268), Monday 02:00 PM, Orange G
  • John Jardin, "Optimus XPages: An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices" (1074), Monday, 03:30, Orange F
  • Howard Greenberg, "Move Your XPages Applications to the Fast Lane" (1094), Monday, 04:45
  • Paul S. Withers, "Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally: Troubleshooting XPages" (1279), Tuesday 01:15, Florida 5
  • Jesse Gallagher, "Don't give up on Domino! Introducing Darwino: A New Lifeline for Domino Developers and Customers" (1481), Tuesday 04:30, Solution EXPO Theater

Christian and Paul are also joining the Speed Geeking session Sunday evening.
If you are lucky you can also find the ODA guys around Paul Withers in the reception area at 1pm.

More about these sessions (and others of course) is available from the official Session Preview Tool on the IBM Connect website.

Hello 2016 - A Happy New Year

Christian Guedemann | 1 month ago | Comments