• IBM XPages SSO with IBM Connections

    By Reed N Gesteland 9 years ago

    To achieve SSO between IBM XPages (Lotus Domino or IBM XWork Servers) we took advantage of the Apache Abdera Open Source (Java) library to give XPages the ability to access the LTPAToken for use by IBM Connections. You can find information on Apache Abdera using the following link:

    • Code Snippet

      By Reed N Gesteland 9 years ago

      The purpose of the attached code is to add the LTPAToken cookie to the AbderaClient object thus removing the need to call the AbderaClient.addCredentials() method more than once.  Once the LTPAToken is set SSO integration has been achieved.

      • Integrated

        By Philippe Riand 9 years ago

        As Niklas blogged about, we integrated a similar piece of code in the extension library, so it can now use SSO between Domino and Connections.

        Thanks again for your help!