• Domino Freebusy Service, log level and log file

    By Manfred Lenz 5 years ago

    How can I set the log level and where are the logfiles stored? I want to know which parameters are used in the url. I'm calling the Domino Freebusy Service from Outlook 2013, sometimes it works sometime it does not, depending on the display name in Outlook.

    • By Dave Delay 5 years ago

      To enable logging for the freebusy service, find this file in your Domino data directory:


      Add the following line to that file:


      Then restart the HTTP task. You should start seeing additional messages in the trace.xml files in \domino\data\domino\workspace\logs.

      The freebusy service doesn't log all the parameters, but this might produce enough information to debug the problem. See below for some sample log messages. The lines in bold type show a failed request.

      Btw, are you using the latest version of the freebusy service? We have made some changes to the busytime resource since 9.0.1.

      – Dave

      Sample log messages

      FINER ENTRY ::class.method=com.ibm.domino.services.freebusy.resources.BusyTimeResource.getBusyTime()
      FINEST Looking up name (deanmelnyk@swg.usma.ibm.com} on behalf of CN=Duke Lawson/O=Peaks ::class.method=com.ibm.domino.services.freebusy.model.FreeBusyModel.getLookupName()
      FINER RETURN org.apache.wink.common.internal.ResponseImpl@29682968 ::class.method=com.ibm.domino.services.freebusy.resources.BusyTimeResource.getBusyTime()
      FINER ENTRY ::class.method=com.ibm.domino.services.freebusy.resources.BusyTimeResource.getBusyTime()
      FINEST Looking up name (nemo@acme.com} on behalf of CN=Duke Lawson/O=Peaks ::class.method=com.ibm.domino.services.freebusy.model.FreeBusyModel.getLookupName()
      FINER ENTRY ::class.method=java.lang.String.createErrorResponse()
      FINER RETURN org.apache.wink.common.internal.ResponseImpl@57f957f9 ::class.method=java.lang.String.createErrorResponse()

      • By Manfred Lenz 5 years ago

        Thank you for the info. It was realy helpful.MS Outlook 2013 has a scheduling bug if you are using contacts from the personal addressbook. If you select a person from the personal addressbook you do not see a “Looking up name (nemo@acme.com} on behalf of Anonymous” entry