• Allow Other Plugins to Contribute to the ThemeLookups on XSPPage

    By Cameron Gregor 10 years ago

    Basically can there be a way to contribute to the AppThemeLookup's used by the XspPage?

    It is annoying to install something like Bootstrap plugin and then not be presented with the themes that can be used. If a plugin can contribute to this lookup then that annoyance will go away.

    Please see my blog entry
    and also proposed solution
    (obviously would need to be made more robust and IBM hardened by smarter programmers than me :)

    • By Mark Leusink 10 years ago

      +1 for this request!

      Would make projects like Bootstrap4XPages much more easy and intuitive to use.

    • By Gary Marjoram 10 years ago

      Hi Cameron, Tony McGuckin recently highlighted this shortcoming to me. I'm currently investigating a solution and hope to be able to address this in a future release.

      • By Cameron Gregor 10 years ago

        Thanks for the response Gary. I will keep on the lookout in future releases

        • By Gary Marjoram 10 years ago

          Hi Cameron,

          Just wanted to let you know that R09 of the XPages Extension Library, posted this morning, contains my fix for this issue. We decided to make use of an existing runtime extension point for this functionality. In short your implementation of StyleKitFactory must also implement StyleKitListFactory. The readme contains more info.

          Let me know if you've any questions/ problems.

          • Gar
          • By Cameron Gregor 10 years ago

            Hey Gary,
            That is great news thanks a lot for looking into (and completing) this, I have just testing and it works great. I think it definitely gives more 'usability' to contributing plugins.