• Sample bootstrap database

    By Sachin Kulkarni 5 years ago

    From where can i download the sample database :xpagesextb.nsf

    Below is the url of sample database which is bootstrap enabled and is for demonstration. Could you please show from where can the database be downloaded.


    • By B Gleeson 5 years ago

      That is a customised version of the XPages Extension Library demo application. The custom version was created by Mark Leusink - http://linqed.eu/ & http://bootstrap4xpages.com/

      However, the only difference to the standard verison of the demo app is the theme being used. You can thus use the nsf provided in the extlib download, like so:

      1. install extlib release v901_00_10 or later to your server & Designer
      2. extract the XPagesExt.nsf from the extlib zip you downloaded, to your server
      3. open the NSF in Domino Designer
      4. open the xsp.properties of the application
      5. change the application theme to Bootstrap3.2.0 or Bootstrap3.2.0_flat
      6. save and re-build the application
      7. open the app in a browser
      • By Sachin Kulkarni 5 years ago

        Thank you so much !

        I could however also find the custom application from Mark Leusink(http://bootstrap4xpages.com) from GitHub.