• OneUI v3.0.2 & Dojo MenuItem in Ext Lib: Hover

    By Eric Tomenga 5 years ago

    I like the new OneUI but Hovering over a MenuItem doesn't work with OneUI v3.0.2. Earlier versions of OneUI works. The issue is either with the data-dojo-attach-point attribute or the dijitMenuItemLabel class.

    I am on 9.01 and the Ext Lib provided by IBM, not the OpenNTF version. I was wondering if anyone ran into this issue and may have a work around OR if this issue doesn't exist on the OpenNTF version.

    I can add .dijiMenuItemLabel:Hover to a custom stylesheet but that only hovers over the label and not the entire cell. Debug doesn't give that area a class so it is an interal DOJO function I don't know yet.