• API Documentation for Extension Library

    By Naveen Maurya 6 years ago

    Is there any API documentation available for the XPages Extension Library components? I am currently working with relational database and often run into error with class com.ibm.xsp.extlib.jdbc.model.JdbcDataBlockAccessor. But I am unable to find any documentation for this class. So far I have been going through by viewing the examples in sample databases from which I came to know about methods such as getRow, newRow. But then that's it.


    So far I found this link but it does not list any of extensional library classes.

    • By Sachin Kulkarni 5 years ago

      You could access the source code in the extension library to investigate what methods are available. For example, in the most recent release, you could find the source code for jdbcRowSet here:

      Alternatively for jdbcQuery, see JdbcDataBlockAccessor.java in the same directory