• Extension Library Name Picker Controls No Longer Work after Bootstrapping my Application

    By Ian Benn 3 years ago

    I recently upgraded to the new Extension Library (v16) from OpenNTF and changed one of my existing applications to use the generic "Bootstrap3_flat" theme. Once I did that, however, I noticed that the Name Picker controls in my application no longer work. Nothing happens when I click on the name picker controls on my XPage; there is no response. (Strangely enough, though, the value picker controls still work fine.)

    I am running Notes version 9.0.1. Any ideas on how to get my name picker controls to work with the "Bootstrap3_flat" theme? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • By B Gleeson 3 years ago

      We're not aware of any problems with the name picker control. And it is based on similar code to the value picker. The picker controls & dialogs were heavily re-worked in release 16 to make them more responsive when using a Bootstrap theme. My first guess would be that you have some of the old picker JS file(s) in your browser cache. So as a first step could you try to clear your cache completely and try again?

      If that doesn't change anything, then it'll require further investigation.