• Link for extlibx only

    By Baxter Jimuk 7 years ago

    Hi, can provide the link to download the extlibx component only? Both designer component and the server runtime with proper site.xml so that can be install into designer and deploy to server using existing method. The reason is because I'm currently using a cleanly installed Domino Server 9.0.1 and Notes & Designer 9.0.1 and I don't plan to install extlib from here and overwrite those already provided because that would mean I'm not supported. Furthermore, I'm in a slow internet connection (512Mbps broadband) and downloading the whole extlib zip package will take too much time.

    • Not 512Mbps but Kbps

      By Baxter Jimuk 7 years ago
    • Good idea

      By Paul Hannan 7 years ago

      We will investigate this for the coming releases