• Rest services - detect view change

    By Martin Pradny 6 years ago


     in our existing application we have problem to detect that content of a view has changed. We can detect that number of documents in view has changed, but sometimes are documents are just updated, or same number of documents gets added and removed to the view.

    Since it is a helpdesk application it users have the app open all day and we want to get updates to them both quickly and efficiently.

    What we have done is to compute column using time difference of @Modified from some time constant and then check column total. This was best idea we had :(

    Would it be possible to have services that would return that view has changed since some timestamp (probably with option to trigger indexer or not). Even better would be option to get only viewentries that were changed since the timestamp.



    • Need more information ...

      By Dave Delay 6 years ago

      Hi, Martin.


      This seems like a reasonable request.  We can investigate and get back to you, but first a question:  Are you using the REST services control in XPages or are you using the Domino data service?




      -- Dave Delay

      • Details

        By Martin Pradny 6 years ago

        Hi Dave,

         currently in the most complex case we compute data ourselves using Domino Java API. But this code is quite old (in Xpages terms :)), so we would like to substitute it with REST services and make our apps cleaner :)