• Missing responsive xe:bootstrapResponsiveConfiguration, xe:dashboard and so on

    By Benjamin Kruger 3 years ago

    Posted in defects first, guess that was wrong, so posting here instead.. :

    Installed extlib v16 before the weekend, and I get errors that indicates that the responsive part is not installed. I have used some of the responsive elements, and get the following compile errors:

    • The unknown tag xe:bootstrapResponsiveConfiguration cannot be used as a complex type.- - The unknown tag xe:dashboard cannot be used as a control.

    I am also missing the “responsive” controls in my palette, so there must be something fishy about my installation. I installed both the “updateSiteOpenNTF.zip” and the “updateSiteOpenNTF-designer.zip” via “Application->Install” in the designer. Everything seems to be listed equal to my previous extlib v12 that I ran before if I go to “Application->Application management”. I also got this error when uninstalling v12 and tried any of the subsequent versions of the extlib.

    Another bug is that when I try to open the graphical “Application Configuration->Xsp Properties” of my NSF, I only get a blank white page. No settings. I think this is related to this case since this has never been a problem before.

    The last point, is the listed deficiencies in “WebContent->WEB-INF->xsp.properties” in my package explorer:


    Do I need to change something here? Anyone familiar with my problem?

    IBM Domino Designer 9.0

    Social Edition

    Release 9.0
    Revision 20130309.0748 (Release 9.0)
    Standard Configuration

    Please help me! :)

    Benjamin Kruger

    • By B Gleeson 3 years ago

      You should only need to install updateSiteOpenNTF-designer.zip to designer for one thing.

      However, installing the 9.0.1 ExtLib onto 9.0 Client is not advisable and is probably the root of your problems here. The 9.0.1 ExtLib was built to extend 9.0.1, and depends on its features/code. I would suggest that you upgrade your Designer client. It is freely available to download: https://www-01.ibm.com/marketing/iwm/iwm/web/preLogin.do?source=ESD-NOTESDESIGNER&S_CMP=web_dw_rt_swd