• Application layout and hard-wired properties

    By Fero Kossuth 7 years ago

    Problem: inspired by demo DB I usualy make one custom control with application layout component. Its visual style is shared  through every page in application, what is perfect.

    But on every page there might be something you want to show differently. For example Search options. Or content of Placebar area. I am talking about tree style properties.


    Required feature: to define my custom control's parameters and use them inside application layout control (configure it using compositeData.param script). This is not posiible now, AFAIK.


    Known workaround: use bean. This is not very useful - you would need set of dedicated classes for every page. :-(



    • The properties are computable

      By Philippe Riand 7 years ago

      You can add a search bar and compute its properties, including the 'rendered' one based on compositeData. Same thing for the placeBar, although it is a list of actions.

      Have you tried it?