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    By C MAUDIERE 4 years ago


    I ve dowloaded xpagesext.nsf demo (ver.

    I try to had fileUpload control in Dynamic Page section (contact form)

    for example :

    1- In contact form i have changed City field from text to richtextfield type

    2- In Core_Dynamicxpage Xpage I have changed


            value="#{document1.City}" id="city1">


                                    <xp:fileDownload rows="30" id="fileDownload1" displayLastModified="false" value="#{document1.City}"></xp:fileDownload>

    fileUpload control don't upload selected file.

    Any idea is welcome ……

    • By C MAUDIERE 4 years ago

      Just a small problem in my copy/past

      2- In Core_Dynamicxpage I have changed

                                          value="#{document1.numfield}" id="numfield1">


                                      <xp:fileDownload rows="30" id="fileDownload1" displayLastModified="false" value="#{document1.City}"></xp:fileDownload>"
      • By C MAUDIERE 4 years ago