• DropDownButton - would like to be able to customise the drop down icon/character

    By Andrew Thompson 7 years ago

    Currently  (at least in the 8.5.2 version that I am currently using) it seems that the drop down character is automatically inserted and fixed to be the following character:  ▼  

    I would like to

    (1) be able to control the display of this drop down icon (ie turn it on or off)

    (2) be able to supply an alternate custom image or character to display instead. Eg I would like to display the standard oneuiv2 drop down icon (  /oneuiv2/images/btnDropDown2.png  )


    • This is currently not in plan

      By Philippe Riand 7 years ago

      The oneui bitmap is automatically used if the theme is oneui. The rest is in fact highly depending on the renderkit/theme. Else, the button can be quickly much more complex: we can add a bitmap property, and then an alt text for accessibility, and... So the idea was to keep it simple. There is still the possibility to add an extra renderer and get what you want.

      • Seconded - dijit.form.DropDownButton

        By Tommy Valand 5 years ago

        It would be nice to have the dijit.form.DropDownButton implementation with possibility do set dojo attributes.

        My use case is an action bar for a view. I want to have an icon on the dropdown button.

        It's not very important as I can achieve the same with HTML markup. But if it's in the Extension Library, we get the advantage of forwards compatibility.