• xp tags in Content assist not available

    By Jozef Plachy 5 years ago

    I'm new in xpages development and I'm facing this issue.
    When working on xpage in the source view I'm getting only tags as suggestions via Content assist.
    Is this working correctly?
    Isn't it possible to get any other tags into Content assist, like or etc.?

    Using Domino Designer 9.0. I have installed the updateSiteOpenNTF-designer.zip from ExtensionLibraryOpenNTF-901v00_13.20150611-0803 release.
    I was browsing for answer one long week but I haven't been able to found anything on this topis in any documentation, forum or website.
    Thank you very much for any useful answer.

    • By Maire Kehoe 5 years ago

      As you've said, the content assist in the XPages Editor only suggests this.propertyName tags allowable within the parent control.
      To find the controls that can be used, see the Controls palette for the commonly-used controls, or the “Other…” option in the Controls palette for the full list of controls.
      Also, in release downloads of the XPages Extension Library there's a XPages-Doc.zip containing HTML docs about the control tags and other tags in both the XPages core and in ExtLib.

      • By Jozef Plachy 5 years ago

        Thx Maire.
        Yes, I saw the documentation that was included in the extension pack.
        But it would be much easier to have all those tag included in the Content assist.
        I tried to figure out how transform this documentation and where to copy it so it would be included in Content assist. No solution found yet.
        Anyway, can't have Christmas every day, thx for answer. :)