• Name Picker - show subset of NAB

    By patrick picard 8 years ago


    It would be nice to have the ability to hide/show Groups/People from the list in the NAB picker


    For example, sometimes i want the user to only pick a name. In some cases, only groups


    Further to this request, the ability put a filter on the NAB. For example, I would like to filter entries from the nab starting with "CTFS-" and it would only display the following entries on the left CTFS-ABCD CTFS-ZYXZ CTFS-DOD

    Basically, a search key custom property

    • You nbeed a custom template

      By Philippe Riand 8 years ago

      For the first feature, you can come with your own template. This is not very complicated to implement, and we can integrate it into the library afterwards if you're willing to contribute it.

      The second feature (filtering) works with the Search From field. The servcice can be changed to actually filter rather than starting from, but the first option is what people generally wants. Anyway, this is an easy extension to the service itself.