• 901v00_16.20160128-1014 @jdcb function error

    By Esowo Yen 3 years ago

    in my env ExtensionLibraryOpenNTF-901v00_16.20160128-1014.zip i use @jdbc Function
    will be failure.
    i replace ExtensionLibraryOpenNTF-901v00_11.20141217-1000 @jdbc function process success.

    Where is the difference?

    • By B Gleeson 3 years ago

      What @jdbc function? There are several available.

      • By Esowo Yen 3 years ago

        1.This @JdbcUpdate() function can not work.

        2.And maybe the web design refresh not just in time. « this point Perhaps my illusion.

        • By B Gleeson 3 years ago

          I think there has been a bug introduced in the @JDbcUpdate function in release 16. You may be able to work around it by adding an extra false argument to the update call:

          @JDBCUpdate(connectionName, tableName, values, where, params, false);

          Can you post the code you use when calling JdbcUpdate?