• Issue with Xpage in iFrame in Firefox

    By Kathrin Steinhauser 5 years ago

    Submit Button and some controls as input-text-datetimepicker do not work when XPage is in an iFrame, other browsers and XPage standalone works well.
    Console says: “TypeError:cs is null”
    Found a dojo ticket which seems to describe this issue and a fix for dojo:
    (linked solution in the dojo ticket: https://github.com/dojo/dojo/commit/395cbc1cf9f4e72303268add46570aa52f0009d4)
    But I guess this needs to be fixed in the extlib?

    May I ask you to check this or do you have any advise to solve this out on our side?

    Thank you and best regards,
    Kathrin Steinhauser

    • By Kathrin Steinhauser 5 years ago

      Found solution by adding Dojo parameter in XSP Properties:

      Best regards, Kathrin Steinhauser