• Problem install ExtLib on Designer

    By Scott Rigby 4 years ago


    I'm trying to install the latest version of the ExtLib (v15) but although it seems to install properly :

    When I try to run an xpage locally for testing - I get this message

    This implies that the new library is not being used. Anyone have any ideas?



    • By Padraic Edwards 4 years ago

      Hi Scott,
      When you say run the XPage locally for testing, I think you
      mean doing “Preview in Web Browser from Domino Designer? In that case, you need to place the
      Extension Library plugins in this directory so that they can be picked
      up by the local preview server:



      • By Atee Petee 3 years ago

        I have the same problem, except that for me the error message is for v00_00 but I installed the latest v00_17 version. I also tried to copy the plugin files as you wrote, but the error message is the same. Any idea?

        • By B Gleeson 3 years ago

          Did you completely close down Designer and the Notes client after copying the plugins, and then restart Designer?

          • By Atee Petee 3 years ago

            Yes, I closed the Notes. The real strange thing is, that when I downloaded the “XControls” application which also using the Bootstrap, it is working.