• REST - Partial post

    By Max Bakken 7 years ago

    A possibility to do a partial post, meaning only updating the fields of my choice would be very nice. (PATCH).

    Today you need to transfer all the data into the post for data update.

    A full post/ update will cause the entire document to be replicated causing a lot of data transfer unnecessary, and might overwrite information modified in a notes database..


    • Already supported ...

      By Dave Delay 7 years ago

      The Domino data service already supports partial updates to documents.  Here's the documentation page for 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1:




      The same functionality is available in the current extlib build on OpenNTF.


      If your request is for something other than the data service, please let me know.  I'll watch this space for more information.




      -- Dave