• DAS view entries collection limited to 100 in version 10 ??!!

    By Richard Cotrim 10 years ago

    Untill version 9 (901v00_09.20140903-1400) of the Extlib the following call of DAS worked with no problems: …/api/data/collections/name/WLUConByUNID?systemcolumns=0&compact=true&count=1000&search=([CompanyState] CONTAINS MA) AND ([LastName] CONTAINS SMITH*). We have just updated to the last version (10th - 901v00_10.20141105-0922), and start to receive the following error:

    code: 400,
    text: “Bad Request”,
    message: “Limit exceeded. Cannot read more than 100 entries.”

    If you change the count to 100, you get 100 entries, but the correct search result is 808 entries. We had to rollback to version 9.

    Is there any work around ?

    • By Mark Leusink 10 years ago

      Ran into the same issue and did some digging in the ExtLib source.

      Apparently you can control this with a notes.ini parameter called DataServiceMaxViewEntries. I've just tested this by setting it to a large number (using v901v00_10 of the ExtLib) and it seems to work ok.

      • By Richard Cotrim 10 years ago

        Mark, thanks for the tip, it worked like a charm. Now I can upgrade.

    • By Dave Delay 10 years ago

      Sorry I missed the original question. We now limit the number of view entries returned in a single request. We had to make this change to fix an SPR. The default limit is 100 entries.

      However, Mark is correct about the DataServiceMaxViewEntries setting in notes.ini. A server administrator can use the new setting to increase the limit. This is useful when you have an existing client application that depends on the old behavior, but please use caution. For a server under high load, it's best to keep the value of DataServiceMaxViewEntries low and force clients to page through a large view (or large search results).

      – Dave