• Does this work with @importing .less files?

    By Richard G Irwin 5 years ago


    I have been trying to use this with a mixin file, 'mixing.less' that I have stored in the Files section. If you pass a .css file name to the @import, it just passes the @import line through to the final css file. If the extension is omitted or is .less, the compiler does try to find the file, but fails. I tried adding portions of the path to the filename but I couldn't find a combination to work (i.e. Files/mixins.less,/Files/mixins.less, ../Files/mixins.less). Is there a syntax that will work for @import ?

    • By Jesse Gallagher 5 years ago

      Hmm, I didn't actually attempt to make that work, so I guess it's not surprising if it doesn't. I've made a note to check into this when I have an opportunity, so I'll see if the converter makes it easy to hook into that importing process.