• I cannot get the xiRating control to work

    By Steve M Galentine 5 years ago

    I had to completely remove the onchange event from the code to get it to compile. Now it displays a small triangle for anonymous users and an error for authenticated users.
    Error while executing JavaScript computed expression
    Script interpreter error, line=173, col=23: Interpret exception
    at [/xInvolve.jss].({iId=0051EF2E2FCA321285257B2C003C6E80, hideError=false, anonymousRating=true, ccId=myrating, ratesDisplayOnly=false, starCount=5})

    • By Serdar Basegmez 5 years ago

      Steve, onchange event should be replaced as I explained in the other thread.


      Can you provide more details about your current problem? Such as Domino version, browser, sample code, etc.

      • By Steve M Galentine 5 years ago

        I replaced the code again with your set of replacement code and now it works just fine. Thanks for your help.