• How to find class or method ' directoryBean' in xpage invitations

    By sky cui 4 years ago

    Hi ,I download the sample last night,and I have setup on my server,it work on domino 9.0.1,I want to know where to find directoryBean class in sample db?

                <xp:panel id="panInvitations" rendered="#{javascript:directoryBean.getMySelf().canInvite()}">
                        <ul class="lotusTabs">
                            <li class="lotusSelected">
                                <a href="javascript:void(0);">Invitations</a>
    • By Richie Schmid 4 years ago

      Hi and thanks for downloading myWebGate!

      have a look at the faces-config.xml where the beans are mapped (use the navigator view in designer and locate the folder WebContent/WEB-INF).

      in the faces-config.xml there is the definition for the directoryBean which points to:


      so the code you are looking for can be found in the “DirectorySessionFacade” .