• Upload more than 2GB crash server

    By Dani Soft 9 years ago

    Hi to all.

    I've instaled and configured FileSendr in Domino 8.5.3 FP1 UP1 in widows 2008 R2 6GB RAM.

    All works fine, i can upload 10 files of 1 GB = 10GB

    But when i upload one file of 2GB server crash.

    I reviewed HTTP settings, and notes.ini settings and i cant find solution.

    Can you help me?




    • Same issue - Upload more than 2GB crash server

      By Ralph Borcherds 8 years ago

      I am having the same issue.  Everything under 2 GB works just fine.  Max upload size is set to "unlimited" in the internet sites document.


      Anyone found a solution to this issue?

    • I can't seem to download anything over 1mb

      By Rob Kirkland 8 years ago

      My server isn't as powerful as yours. 8.5.3FP1 32-bit 4gb RAM. I can upload whole lists of under-1gb files, Nothing even a little bit big, though.

      • I meant upload,not download

        By Rob Kirkland 8 years ago
        • Look at that - can't use a comma in the subject line?

          By Rob Kirkland 8 years ago

          My subject line was: I meant upload, not download. The comma got garbled!

      • Can't upload files larger that 1gb - solved

        By Rob Kirkland 8 years ago

        I had set the maximum POST data size to 2097152kb, as directed by Declan's documentation. Resetting it to 0 solved my problem.

    • If try to upload file grater than 2GB CRASH

      By Dani Soft 8 years ago

      i tried to upload a file greater 2GB in standar form with embedded upload control, server crash too. just create PMR for this issue.