• Dojo 1.5 not needed

    By F. Kranenburg 10 years ago

    The documentation says it requires Dojo 1.5, but I have it fully working without upgrading my server to 1.5.

    • Are you 100% sure...

      By Declan Lynch 10 years ago

      I have not been able to get it working without the update on any 8.5.2 server. The code calls specific dojo 1.5 stuff for the uploader so I can't see how it would work without it.

      Are you on the 8.5.3 Managed Beta as that already has dojo 1.5 installed.

      • You're right

        By F. Kranenburg 10 years ago

        Sorry, you may delete my comment. It didn't workafter all without Dojo 1.5, I removed it from the server and did a tell http restart command and it was still working.

        I quit and started the task and it wasn't working anymore. Some sort of cache I think.