• Logon Issues

    By keith coffaro 9 years ago

    Was really hoping to get this working, been at it for several hours now.  Looking for some help....

    Test server Domino 8.5.3 FP1 UP1 installed on Windows 7 VM....

    Dojo version 1.5.1

    filesend.nsf signed with server id.

    Finally able to get the Webpage to load but Logon does not work... I know the logon & pw are find because I log into the names.nsf via IE 8.0.76.

    Error on Console:


    [062C:000A-048C] 03/28/2012 03:22:48 PM  HTTP Web Server: Function Not Implemented Exception [/names.nsf?login] Anonymous

    No errors on the webpage...

    Any ideas?  What am I doing wrong...


    keith (twitter @coffarok)

    • Logon Issues

      By Henri Paananen 9 years ago

      Had the same problem when session authentication was disabled. After enabling it, logon works.


      I was also able to login without session authentication using url: server/filesendr.nsf?opendatabase&login=1