• No luck using it under XPiNC: no file and incorrect link

    By Jens-B. Augustiny 8 years ago

    I opened the home.xsp in the notes client and tried to send a file.

    It seemed to work, but it happened the same as ray ray below reported: The file was not listed and a short check shows, it was not appended to the file-document at all.

    Second problem: it generated a NOTES Link to the file, but did not prepend the NOTES:// identifier, but the HTTP:// one. Obviously, that does not work especially as the Notes Name and the Web Name of this server are totally different, and having the !! separator between Server and database inside the link makes it not working on the web at all

    • More Info

      By Jens-B. Augustiny 8 years ago

      This was already on version, which seems to have repaired some of such issues. And it is running on an 8.5.3FP2 server with UP1 installed.

      On the server it is trhwoing an Invalid POST Request Exception, but changing the post size does not change that. Independent of settings I am able to upload files up to 1 Meg, everything beyond is getting this error. Maybe I have to check with my internet-connection, if there happens something "unusual" .... :-(

      • Happens without error-msg when internally uploaded

        By Jens-B. Augustiny 8 years ago

        Tested to upload directly, not through the outside connection. It works for files up to about 8 Meg, id didt not work for a file of 160 Meg, but it did no longer throw the post-error, it simply does not attach the uploaded file to the document :-(