• I/O error with Firefox and Safari

    By Alessandro Baldoni 9 years ago

    Hello and kudos for this app!

    I'm facing the following error: after clicking the Upload button, the file begins getting upload and, after a while, its box turns red displaying "I/O error". Then fileSendr switches pages saying that the file was uploaded successfully, but the attachment page is empty.


    Regards, Alessandro

    • Maybe a setting in the serverdocument

      By Max Martin 9 years ago


      please check your serverdocument "Maximum size of request content:" its located on the "Internet Protocols" "HTTP" section bottom right, you have to put in the max Filesize you want allow to upload.

      The setting for "Maximum POST data (in kilobytes):"  must be also set to the max Filesize.


      • google chrome

        By Marc Jonkers 9 years ago

        I have the exact same problem.

        When uploading with google chrome I always get an I/O error message and nothing is uploaded.

        When uploading the exact same files with IE , everything works normal.

        I checked the serverdocument again , and everything is correct.

        Any idea ?