• Domin 9 and IE9

    By Ursus Schneider 8 years ago


    I have just updated to Domino 9 and now FileSendr no longer works with IE9. I am not getting any error message, the users are just stuck @ checking when logging on. Chrome and Firefox work perfectly. 

    Has anybody else had this problem?

    Thanking you for any help given


    • By Ursus Schneider 7 years ago

      I haven't been able to get hold of Declan so I checked the code out myself and think I have found and fixed the error - here is what I did so anybody else who has the problem can fix it themselves. The error you receive when using IE is:

        SCRIPT58644: Could not complete the operation due to error c00ce514.

      which, as far as I can tell is that the mime time is not being set for the GIF view.gif that is being returned.

      I updated the Custom Control “browser_Login” - there I updated the login link's client side script to return the button_openNTF.jpg instead of the view.gif in the post command (the link that contains the RedirectedTo). I checked that the mime type of the image was correct (image/jpeg) which, AFAIK is acceptable to IE9. I then also changed the IF to check for == “JPG” and not “GIF”.

      I further removed two lines of code that I did not understand why they where in the code at all:

      dojo.cookie('DomAuthSessId', null, { path: '/', domain: 'czarnowski.com' });
      dojo.cookie('LtpaToken', null, { path: '/', domain: 'czarnowski.com' });

      didn't really know why we where setting cookies for czarnowski.com???

      Seems to work for me :o)

      If you have any questions feel free to contact me: ursus dot schneider at gmail dot com

      here the code as I now have it:




                  url: '/names.nsf?login', 
                  content: {
                      "username" : dojo.byId("#{id:cc_login_panel_login_username}").value,
                      "password" : dojo.byId("#{id:cc_login_panel_login_password}").value,
                     // "RedirectTo": "\\icons\\view.gif" 
                      "RedirectTo": "/button_OpenNTF.jpg"
                  load: function (data) {
                  if( String(data).substring(0,3) == "JPG") 
                                  window.location = "#{javascript:sessionScope.entryPage}";
                          } else { 
                                  if ( dojo.cookie('DomAuthSessId') != null || dojo.cookie('LtpaToken') != null ) 
                                  } else { 
                  error: function (error) { 
                          console.error ('Error: ', error);
                         //IE Has An Issue with returning binary data in AJAX so just reload the page.
                         // If the user did not log in correctly then they will be redirected here.
                          console.error ('Possibly Running IE - Reloading Page Anyway');
                          window.location = "#{javascript:sessionScope.entryPage}";