• Uploaded file in windows temp folder (xsp_uploader) not deleted

    By Fabrizio Zenere 9 years ago

    Server Domino 852: the uploaded file in windows temp folder is not deleted after upload.

    I also tried to modify property "removeCompleted" of the "Xpages Async Multi File Uploader Custom Control" to "true" for "browser_sendFiles" and "browser_uploadFiles" custom controls and restarted http task without success.

    Any suggestion?

    • By Gosselin Rejean 8 years ago


      This has been fixed? I have the same mistake.

      Thanks a lot.

    • Need modification in cc_FileUploader custom control

      By Alexis Vernier 8 years ago

      In order to delete the temp files uploaded I inserted in the custom control :

                 var fileToDelete = new java.io.File(@Word(arrFiles[i], "#UPLOADEDFILE#", 2));
                  fileToDelete.getClass().getMethod("delete", null).invoke(fileToDelete, null);