• Large files error -- not POST/HTTP size issue

    By Timothy Massey 9 years ago


    I have updated the server to have a large POST and HTTP size limit.  However, larger files look like they're failing from the browser side, even though they're not.

    With a file of, say, 50MB, the upload completes successfully and the browser shows that.  HOWEVER, files that are larger (say, 100MB), the browser does not update at the end of the upload.  Rather, it stays at the greyed-out screen waiting for the upload to finish.

    My guess is that after the Flash widget finishes the upload and tells the browser to go get the upload status, the Domino SERVER is still busy handling the upload, and when the browser asks the server for the upload status, the upload is not yet done.  Therefore, the browser just sits there:  it doesn't ever check again to see if the upload is done.

    Basically, the upload web page needs to handle errors *MUCH* better than it does.  For example, it does exactly the same thing when the POST limit is exceeded.  The web page checks the status of the upload, gets something other than a successful status, and then just sits there, frustrating the user!  :)

    I have submitted another example as a different defect, but it does the same thing:  effectively freezes the browser at the greyed out page.

    Thank you,

    Timothy J. Massey

    Out of the Box Solutions, Inc.