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    By ray ray 8 years ago



    First problem:

    i've tried to send a file about 80MB (my post data in internet site document is 100MB) and it gves me

    "file uploaded succesfully".


    But when i try to access file it shows me the message but not the file.

    Is there any additional configuration i have to do?


    Second problem:

    the file was sent succesfully to the recipients however the link is something like: http://host/etc but i need to pass ssl url like



    Is there any way to change it?


    Thank you very much for your reply

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      By ray ray 8 years ago

      Just to update:

      i verify that it verifies the file type..


      For example file doc,xls are uploaded while .zip not.


      How can i change authorized file types?


      Thank you