• Better HR Database functionality would be nice

    By Wim de Boer 1 decade ago

    The HR database within eTimesheets is very simplistic. It would be nice to have more HR functionality rather than having to interface with other databases.

    • in response to "Better HR functionality would be nice"

      By Rob Wills 1 decade ago

      The system is designed so that it would work with existing Notes based HR systems simply by adding one view to the existing database. That said, I do intend to supply a better HR database out of the box.

      I also intend to look at complementary databases within openNTF and making eTimesheets compatible with them. For example, if you have an openNTF Leave Tracking system and you have leave approved, the system could automatically add a leave booking to your timesheet for the appropriate day.

      Finally, the timesheet system was originally designed to work with a back-end ERP system that I wrote. I do intend to provide more ERP type functionality. For example, the system could import HR data from SAP or Oracle eBusiness Suite and it could export approved timesheet bookings into the Projects Ledger where the time would be costed.

      • Adding view?

        By Ken Hawkins 1 decade ago

        What view does "work with existing Notes based HR systems simply by adding one view " refer to? How would eTimesheets reference this view in the Notes HR db?

        P.S. I'm still struggling with configuring the dbs. Any additional documentation on the way?



        • Configuring HR database for eTimesheets

          By Rob Wills 1 decade ago

          Hi Ken,

          Basically the eTimesheets system needs to use a view with columns defined in a specific order. It is the order that is important rather than the field names in the Notes documents which is why adding a new view is usually necessary. The name of the view needs to be defined in the profile document in both the Timesheets database and the Valid Bookings/Admin database. If you look in the HR database supplied in the download, there is a view called "Details" which is in the right format.

          As I said in yesterday's news, I intend to release an HR database shortly (hopefully this weekend) and this will include better documentation on configuring the view.

          If you need specific help, you could e-mail me on Friday and I will try and respond directly.

          Hope that helps? Rob.