• User profile as part of domBulletin

    By Chris Bordeleau 2 decades ago

    I really like what you have done… I was in the middle of creating the same thing when you created this project. I liked what i saw from you screen shots so I decided to wait.

    One thing that I think is missing is a user profile like phpbb has… I have one that I wrote and would be happy integrate. You can look at it here : http://apptest.itec.suny.edu/cbordeleau/im.nsf. I currently have it tweaked to be used for tracking IM accounts but you can get the drift. It would also be easy to modify it to use the style of the rest of domBulletin.

    I can be reached at chris.bordeleau@itec.mail.suny.edu.

    thanks again for this great app

    • It's on plan...

      By Michael Bourak 2 decades ago

      for a future release !

      I saw ur stuff, looks good.

      My plan is to include user profile, but before I need to be able to performe registration and authentication. That's the next task on my board…just after I finished beta 2 :-)

      Thanks for the feedback. Once I have a clear idead on how to implement Reg/Authentication/Profile, and if you still ok, we can work together on it :-)


      • Good to hear

        By Chris Bordeleau 2 decades ago

        My current version assumes the user has an account in domino…

        It would be nice to have a configuration doc that would allow registration to a particular nab and inserting members into a group… I have code to do that that I use in another project. But the configuration doc part would still need to be written.

        Itr could also be configured to put users into a LDAP database external to domino… Just some ideas..

        I would be happy to work with you on this.

        chris B