By laurent bauer 2 decades ago

    The CSS is not clear to update

    Could you add a few comment, and separate in 4/5 sections

    It is not possible to change the size of text using the browser function. This is usefull for peoples with large screen

    This can be solved by replacing font-size:##px by font-size:###%

    • will get better post V1

      By Michael Bourak 2 decades ago
    • CSS

      By kspn Young 1 decade ago

      Would it be possible to add a point and click CSS update system rather than manually updaing the CSS via the HTML Code (as a programmer I know how much work would be involved)

      This owuld make it easier to seperate the different sections from each other, it owuld also make updating/adding the css much easier because you could then see the color that you are selecting rather than hoping that the color combination works together