• Hide "preference" link

    By Rune Carlsen 2 decades ago

    I would LOVE to have a configuration for "hide preference link", so that people can't change their preferences. This might sound strange, but as domBulletin works now, we have the possibility to override settings with parameters like:




    • and specifying them as part of the URL. In my case, I wan't to force the look and feel on my users, and I do not want them to have the chance to change it. In some situations this is VERY useful, in others not. Michael, I am down on my knees here :)
    • Done for R1

      By Michael Bourak 2 decades ago

      working on my demo server already !

      • admin chose if, on first connect, user get preference form or launch db with specified default skin/ui mode/ language

      • admin can prevent users from changing pref