• Category modification

    By laurent bauer 2 decades ago

    I have changed the category of some post with notes, it work well, but make some trouble with the web mainboard index wich keep the old post category

    • yes...

      By Michael Bourak 2 decades ago

      U have to delete the old categories, as I can not know if this category still need to exist (cause category with 0 document makes sense, if it's a new one with not yet document in it for ex)

      • By laurent bauer 2 decades ago

        sorry michael, i was not clear

        i moved a main document in another category,

        but the responses documents seem not updated, and the mainboard seem using the last response category information

        so in mainboard the document is displayed in the wrong category

        to try :

        1) move a document in another category

        2) add a response to this document

        3) wait for the agent update mainboardindex