• Added Functionally to Roles

    By Chris d Harris 2 decades ago

    I would like to see additional roles added to restrict which users can see specific forums.

    For example User A can have the "member" role and the "tech support" role which would allow the member to see all the default forums (assigned to the member role) and the knowledgebase forum (assigned to the Tech Support role). User B only has the "member" role so he would not see the knowledgebase forum.



    • Notes Direcotry Integration

      By Junk Mine 2 decades ago

      In most case,the forum is deployed as a part of OA.So,it Integrate with Notes Directory is very important.And could you provide a funciton:auto login for all user has been logged in the OA?

    • Rearrange Language Profile's Layout

      By Junk Mine 2 decades ago

      Yestady,I add chinese language for the fourm.I find the layout is irregular when i full in the text translation.I think field's arrange base on form.

    • Added Functionally to Roles

      By Kay Hunter 2 decades ago