• Categories

    By Peter Mullarky 1 decade ago

    How do I add categories? I thought this would just be a keyword list but I couldn't find it in the categories field. BTW - I'm very, very limited in my dev skills so be kind. :-)

    • Caching problem [answer doesn't fit question]

      By Thomas Bahn 1 decade ago

      For perfomance reasons, we cache the list of keywords. We thought that modifiying the keyword list is done rarely (after a short period after creating the database). After you close and open the database, you'll see new categories in the list.

      We could change the "caching strategy" to NoCache. This would mean, opening the form would take some more ms, but a changed keyword list would be visible immediately.

      What do you think?

    • Didn't understand question, sorry...

      By Thomas Bahn 1 decade ago

      Sorry, but I didn't understand your question. Now I do…

      You can add new, modify and remove keywords in the corresponding keyword document under Maintenance\Keywords (Administration\Schl├╝sselwerte in German). If you don't see the Maintenance views, check the ACL. You should have the [Manager] role (or [Admin] or [Designer]) for maintenance tasks like changing keyword lists.