• Technical documentation available ?

    By Jan Pipi 4 years ago


    I appreciate your open source framework and I´m going to understand it as well :-)

    Even it´s from 2009 I think it´s still state-of-the-art programmed.

    Could you provide technical documentation of that framework ?

    Who to use methods, docs, .... ?

    Thanks in advance.


    • By Thomas Bahn 4 years ago

      Hi Jan,

      it's a good and valid question. :-)

      Since we operate mainly in Germany, any documentation outside the code (comments) is in German.

      Our internal version of the framework has been continually improved, but again, is German only.

      Is German okay for you?

      • By Jan Pipi 4 years ago

        Hello Thomas,

        German is okay. Didn´t you recognize my German ascentent ? ... :-)

        I´m interested.

        Should I send you my email address ?

        Thanks in advance.

        • By Thomas Bahn 4 years ago

          Hi Jan,

          yes, certainly.