• How to open special xpages? in the multisearch custom control or in the dojo data grid ?

    By anthony babin 5 years ago

    Dear M.Kranenburg,

    First thanks for your app.
    I made some improvement on your control to let it work in my environment.
    My improvement is :

    • using “profile” documents in view to set the list of the different databases.
      Why : I made an app which emulates notes database for the web and because of this emulation the search must be done out of the app, only parameter document are created in the app and give access to the different forms and views in emulated databases.

    Indeed the app emulates form from special xpages and from the multisearch custom control I want to open the result in my special xpages with different parameters DocumentUniqueID, replicaID and formname. Unfortunately I don't know how to do that, specifically where doing the redirection. In the resultcolumns or on the event “onRowClick” of the empty dojo data grid ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.