• Kindly help in providing us more details

    By Viveknath vyas Pandurangan 7 years ago

    Hi Tobby ,

    Kindly provide us more details like,

    How can we map the 'LDAP' attribute value in some computed fields based on the selected username.

    Here is the action we are doing

    1) selecting name from LDAP using name picker like.

    2) bases on the selected user some computed fields need to be populated (say like department etc.,)

    • Working with DataSource

      By Toby Samples 7 years ago



      You could use a parameter for a query string in the ldap query like so.


      Then you could pass whatever data you want into the datasource.

      I hope that helps.



      <ts:LdapDataSource var="LdapDataSource1" pass="********"
      domain="example.com" username="tsamples" searchRoot="dc=example, dc=com"
      ldapUrl="example.com" query="(employeeID=#{param.empid})">