• Firefox and Chrome can't login, but IE can

    By Deborah Miller 5 years ago

    When I use the login custom control with IE, I'm able to log on fine. But when I use Chrome, it appears to hang. When I use Firefox, I get this error:

    RequestError: Unable to load facesContext.getExternalContext().getRequest().getContextPath().nsf?Login status: 0

    I do get logged in using either browser, but it doesn't bring me back to the XPage the login custom control is in.

    Any ideas?

    • By Deborah Miller 5 years ago

      Here's some more detail:

      There are two web servers sitting behind a Cisco ACE which handles encryption and load balancing. We are using SSO for the web site. The login control works fine on the development server, but it doesn’t have a load balancer. Using SSO in development works fine. If we bypass the ACE (going directly to the IP address of the server), the login control also works properly. We tried turning off the load balancing on the ACE (routing all traffic to one server), and it still failed.

    • By F. Kranenburg 5 years ago

      I'm not really supporting this control anymore.

      But I think, the problem is the property 'urlAfterLogin'. I think you should use alternative code to redirect to the current database.