• Implementations of control

    By Fredrik Norling 1 decade ago

    You you feel for it write a line where you used this control. 

    • Many places in one long XPage!

      By Steve Cochrane 1 decade ago


         Thank you for setting up this control, and congrats again for becoming an "IBM Champion"!  In my big project, I have several different forms, and many rich text fields that need to be filled in.  The TinyMCE works great!

         I have several submit buttons (in different places, due to long form), and each have the "XPDEV_DTM_SaveToField()" to ensure the data gets stored in there.  Actually, instead, couldn't we place this in the QuerySave of the forms' data resource?  Just wonderin'.

      Thanks & take care!

      Steve in NYC

      • No problem

        By Fredrik Norling 1 decade ago

        Move the function to QuerySaveDocument event on the datasource and it should work there too and you could have less places. I call XPDEV_DTM_SaveToField() there in some of my projects with more than one save button.