• This is very good news

    By Leif Lagebrand 1 decade ago

    CKEditor is crippled in Xpages. In 8.5.3, you can't resize images or align them. IBM crippled CKEditor for some reason, could be some business case where editing a web page in the Lotus client could break things to much. The strange thing is that the XWork server has no Notes clients and if you have a web page made in CKEditor why would you edit that in the Notes client?

    This integration of TinyMCE is very good news. We have used TineMCE ( made in SWEDEN) and it's very good, it's as god as a non crippled CKEditor. 



    • The only problem right now is

      By Fredrik Norling 1 decade ago

      That there is a bug in RTItem.appendText so it cuts the added html at 64K. I'm hoping IBM will fix this problem. But there seams to be a larger problem because in ordinary Domino a similar problem exists.