• Great job...one question though

    By Carla Porter 1 decade ago

    Hi...this custom control is great.  It was pretty painless to integrate into my XPage application. 

    I'm new to XPages so I am wondering how I can implement this custom control so that when editing existing documents, the contents of the rich text field is displayed in the custom control? 

    I've named the RichTextName property to the field name on my form, but it still comes up blank.

    Any direction to get this working is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch in advance :D

    • How information is stored

      By Fredrik Norling 1 decade ago

      It's not very simple to display richtext field from an old Domino application using the TinyMce control.
      Because that information is stored as NotesRichtext and TinyMCE stores everything as HTML but if your old documents is stored as Mime then you proably should see the information but they is probably not stored like that.

      You can create a converter the first time a user opens the document by grabbing the HTML generated using an iframe and an old Domino document. But I think this solution is mainly for new documents.


      • Thanks!

        By Carla Porter 1 decade ago

        Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water :)

        I appreciate the tip, now to see if I can find a solution to help me convert these existing documents.