• Are you going to add function for image upload?

    By Leif Lagebrand 1 decade ago


    • Perhaps in the future

      By Fredrik Norling 1 decade ago

      I haven't any plans exactly what to add to this release. But image upload would be great to have in tinymce. Perhaps someone could contribute with the image upload functionallity from the original editor.

      • Image Upload

        By Ryan Case 1 decade ago

        When you say that it lacks image upload, can you elaborate?  I am trying to use your custom control (great, but the way!) and want to be able to use a Browse button on the Image popup window to open my own custom file browser to select an image from within the database.  I see from TinyMCE.com that you can do this by adding "file_browser_callback:" to the init call (which I added to the Custom String parameter you set up for the control).  However, when I do this, and use the code that TinyMCE suggests for myFileBrowser, I get an error trying to use "tinyMCE.activeEditor.windowManager.open".  It gives me a "is null or not an object" error.  Is this what you are referring to won't work, or something else.  I'm so close to getting this to work, I'm hoping/needing for it to work.  I'm not sure what that line is referring to, so not sure how to resolve.  Your help would be greatly appreicated.  Thanks.

        • That is actually in progress

          By Fredrik Norling 1 decade ago

          I actually got help how this could be done and that is using the "file_browser_callback" so this is something on my todo list to get it to work.

          Could you send me your custom init string I think the problem is there. 

          go to www.xpagedeveloper.com and use the contact me link

          Also if you do a partial refresh you will get problem because that is a GET request script libs are not loaded. The new version I'm working on is solving this issue.


          • Solved!

            By Ryan Case 1 decade ago

            I got it to work!  I copied all of the files from tinymce.com to the server, referenced them in the custom control TinyMCEPath parameter, and corrected my call to the 'myFileBrowser' function in the CustomString parameter.  I misunderstood the call to myFileBrowser, I just need to call it with no arguments.  Thanks and nice work!

            • More Info

              By Ryan Case 1 decade ago

              Just an additional note to anyone else reading this and trying it at home.  I had to look at the code in the custom control, in the Script Output object, and copy the code in the switch statement for "Advanced", starting at "them: "advanced" and through the end of that case statement.  I then copied that code into the CustomString parameter of the custom control (had to surround it all in single quotes with \n carriage returns at the end of each line) to make it one long string. Plus I added 'file_browser_callback: "myFileBrowser"' at the end.  Basically, this makes the "Custom" version of the control just like the "Advanced" version, with the addition of the file_browser_callback option.  I then copied the myFileBrowser example function from TinyMCE.com and modified it to fit my needs. You could also just modify the script in the custom control itself, but I wanted to leave it as-is in case it gets updated down the road.