• Works in 8.5.3

    By Steve Cochrane 1 decade ago


       I just set this up, and while the rich text control itself works pretty well, I can't get the data to save to the field.  The control works, my custom control binds to the proper form, and the proper rich text field name is properly set up in the RichTextFieldName custom property.  I even tried the field name in quotes, too.

       IBM's out of the box rich text control can save the information fine, so can anyone give me any idea why it's not working with the TinyMCE control?  I'm using 8.5.3 UP1, client and server.

    Thanks, in advance!

    Steve in NYC

    • Does the demo database work?

      By Fredrik Norling 1 decade ago

      Hi Steve,

      Does the demo database work ?

      Do you have a sample database that doesn't work?

      Send me an email using the contact me at www.xpagedeveloper.com

      and we can continue from there to see what's wrong.

      • Got it to work!

        By Steve Cochrane 1 decade ago


           I followed the steps in the "ReadMe" guide, but didn't realize that you need to execute a specific script in the "Save" button.  Once that was added, it worked first shot in Firefox and Chrome, but sadly, not IE7.  I'll see what's wrong there (sigh!).


        Steve in NYC