• LogEvent form

    By Eric Tomenga 5 years ago

    Just installed it v5 in an application. Looks easy to use but I was
    missing a way to view captured errors. I will most likely use the email
    feature you added but if I wanted to scroll through the history of
    errors. The form LogEvent is missing from the .nsf. I will recreate
    it but was wondering if you removed it for a reason or just never
    created it.

    • By Paul S Withers 5 years ago

      Hi Eric
      Just use Julian Robichaux's original OpenLog database or, if you want to log to the current NSF, just copy the form from that. I've not tried to improve on that.

    • By Paul S Withers 5 years ago

      Should have mentioned (in case it's not obvious) that Julian Robichaux's OpenLog project is also on OpenNTF. And sorry if it was obvious ;-)